Thursday, May 14, 2009

Family Here and Family There

I think we did the right thing choosing Iowa as the place to raise our family. I feel Carl's family couldn't be much more supportive. Josh and Annette and Mom & Dad have all taken turns watching my kiddos for a variety of reasons. They have made us feel needed and wanted. They have gone out of their way to tiptoe around my pet peeves. I love that Carl gets to spend time with his brother, sister and parents. I think it's great that he can be there to celebrate their successes with them and remorse over the downfalls of life with them. How cool is it that he can take his sister out to lunch, go to a movie with his mom, take his dad fishing or go out with his little brother bowling?
But secretly, I'm envious... jealous to the point that I want to break down in tears. I want to go out with my mom and get our nails done. I want my little brother and I to share lunch without kids. I want to garage sale with my dad for a whole Saturday morning. Don't get me wrong. Carl goes out of his way every year to make sure I get to visit one or both of my parents. I never have a year without them. But it's hard. When we are together, the time is short. When I visit- I seldom have alone time with them. Maybe it will get easier as I get older- but it seems my longing to have them near has gotten worse lately. Time heals - I guess.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Special Time with Mom

Carley and I are just loving the opportunity to spend quality time alone thanks to Mom School. Usually we go shopping or play on the computer, but with the beautiful weather Tuesday we decided the park would be best. It was so nice not to have to watch all 4 of my monsters. Carley led the way, and I simply followed. I've been thinking about how when the baby comes in Nov/Dec Carley and I won't be alone during the day any more. Of course right now we're only alone twice and week (until Aug/Sept when Ian starts PreK). I'll have to start making special use of our time alone. I'll need to start a schedule to have time alone with each of them. It's sure getting harder.


Autumn and Carley making new friends.
My brave 2-year old

Ian and Autumn in the ball pit.

Jodi and Charity looking into Ben's camera instead of Carl's.

Best Buds: Billy & Reid

Hooray for visitors from far-away places. No the Copes aren't aliens. But when they moved away they couldn't have picked a much-further location (when it comes to drive-time). Billy was so excited to visit with his buddy Reid again. I would venture to say he has not made a better friend yet. I only wish we could keep these friends around. It's too bad their family is there and ours is here. Thanks for making the stop-off in Cedar Rapids so we could steal a few hours of your time. You will be missed- until next time. Post pics of Ollie and Rog soon so we can see how big they've grown!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ode to Mom

My mom has been there for it all. Seldom is she in the pictures- but that's because she's behind the camera. I know what that feels like now. It's almost as if you're this shadow of a person. You live in the background. You do all of the things people think happen magically (i.e. food preparation, cleaning, party planning, driving, memory preserving). Being a mom IS a thankless job. So, let me take this day to say THANK YOU MOM! You have been there- in the background- supporting me always. I saw you sew matching costumes for us numerous times. I saw you when you attended football games and didn't go to the concession stand during half-time because it was my time to shine on the field. I saw you when you stayed up late to prepare cakes/cookies/sandwiches/cream puffs for whatever activity or event one of us had going on. I saw you become an awesome thrift store shopper so we could have what we wanted. I saw you stay up late to fix my wedding dress when I declared that I hated it. I saw you when you came to the temple for my wedding- even though you wouldn't be coming inside. I see you making special trips to meet your beautiful grandchildren. I see you bend over backwards to make your son's wedding beautiful and memorable. I see you trust in our ability to take care of ourselves and those we love now. I'm sorry that I'm not there. I'm sorry I don't celebrate you enough. I'm sorry for every time I gave your heart the tiniest pang because I didn't listen. I love you mom and I hope I can be half as great as you as a mother. I have a lot to live up to because of you. My kids are so lucky that you have been my example.
Happy Mother's Day!
Planning and throwing the birthday parties.
Taking care of the kids.
Providing pictures for us to always remember the good times.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mom School Field Trip

Is that Pumba?
One doesn't want to see, the other wants a kiss- what cute cousins!
Kael was so involved. We're glad he could make it in brother's place.
My good buddy Jake- Ian's best bud- just ask Ian.

I found some lost pictures that didn't make it into my Picasa program. I am so thrilled that they aren't really lost forever!

Here is a recent Mom School Field Trip to a UNI museum. The kids had such a great time. Thanks Niki for coming up with a great plan. The kids were so interested and really took their time at each exhibit. The size of the museum was just right for our crew.

As for last week mom school- it would have been my last chance to play teacher this year. Unfortunately, we have been passing around a fever that we didn't wish to share with our mom school friends. We had to cancel Tuesday and then we couldn't even make it for Thursday's field trip to Hartman. I hope that a fun time was had by all. It makes my heart ache to know that for this year mom school is nearly over. It has played such an important part of preparing Ian for preschool. He's so ready now. I'll miss these little people and will hope they remember me through church. Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Finally time to read

So I'm supposed to be taking it easy today. I've been crampy and spotting and freaking out my hubby. So- he did the dishes and laundry for me and told me to RELAX. I picked up a book and BAM- asleep. I finally get time to read and can't keep my eyes open. This is the first time in my pregnancy I've been dead on my feet. SO SLEEPY.
And why is it when you have to rest you find so many things that you could be accomplishing?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just for Fun!

Mommy and her pretty girl put on make-up.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Autumn pictures (post 4)

The first weekend Autumn stayed with us.

Autumn pictures (post 3)

Dying Easter Eggs and playing with foster siblings.

Autumn pictures (post 2)

Snow Angels, Snowball fights, Sledding and Snowman. Fun in the April Snow.

Autumn pictures (post 1)

Easter Fun. Egg hunt, scavenger hunt and kites