Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Seed Planted

Today at church, a wonderful thing happened for our family. When we first arrived we were handed a program and all sat down as we normally do. Then I handed Billy the program and he asked me about the blank face (a circle with ears) and the lines underneath it printed on one side of the program (THANKS STERNS). I explained to him that he should make it his face and then write his testimony underneath it on the lines. I briefly explained the purpose of testimony meeting is to share our beliefs with one another. He asked if anyone could share their testimony. I said yes, anyone who wanted to tell what they believed in and knew was true could do that in a testimony meeting. This interested him very much. I encouraged him to listen to what the people said on the stand today. We talked about what he believed in. We talked about Jesus and the prophet and the scriptures and family. He then went on about the meeting in his normal way, playing with quiet toys and listening every now and then. Towards the end he showed me the face-all colored in with hair, eyes and a smile. Then he asked if it was his turn to tell his testimony. I said in just a moment when the brother at the stand is finished. I told him I would go with him and sit behind him while he did it. Billy bravely led the way to the front. Bro. Keefe pulled up the step stool for him and lowered the microphone (Earlier in the meeting, I made sure to warn him not to be very loud- if you know Billy you understand the importance of that warning). Then, Billy stepped up and... froze... solid. I gave him a few seconds and then stepped up beside him. I told him to say "I have a testimony". Then I asked him to remember what we talked about... he couldn't. So, with a little prompting we got through it. His heart was willing, but the flesh was weak. My sweet little boy led the way and wanted to share with everyone his belief in Jesus Christ. Upon returning to our seats, Ian exclaimed "Billy, you did it." I am so blessed for my little children. They are so close to God. I know they hear me when we read together and teach of Christ- even if at the time it seems hopeless. I'm grateful for the opportunity to teach them. What a glorious day at church. My heart is full.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So Blessed

Just a quick post to say we're brimming with blessings at the Hartson House. (No we haven't sold our house in Burl yet). We got to the temple and had a remarkable session. It was beautiful. The kids are doing great for Family Home Evening and our Family Councils have been running very smoothly. Things have really been going well. More later.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Productive Day... Tired Me...

Quick re-cap of the day...
  • Got Billy off to school for picture day- with trimmed hair and his photo envelope
  • Got a new FHE lesson from Relief Society activity- woo hoo (these are so handy)
  • Washed and brushed the dog
  • Walked up to Billy's school to pick him up (pushing a double stroller, brought the dog too)
  • Pulled weeds and loaded brush into the blue bin
  • Mowed the yard (gotta keep up with the Jones'es, ya know)
  • Made dinner, did dishes
  • Washed kids, did bedtime routine
  • Planned temple trip, packed for temple trip

We leave early in the morning and we're stopping in Burlington to pick up our babysitter for the kids and dog. She's a very dear friend- and has opened her whole day up for me. After the temple we're going to the old house to do yard work. We got a notice that the hedge in the alley is overgrown and yada yada yada. So, busy day tomorrow. Busy day today. Must get rest. 'Night.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Three weeks ago a few moms and I started a mom school for our 3/4 year olds. We each take turns hosting and teaching the kids. There is a schedule and a focus letter/color/shape. The kids are absolutely loving it. It was so fun to be their teacher this week. Ian wasn't happy at first, because when we arrived at mom school (after dropping Billy off at Kindergarten) he saw we went home. He didn't want to go home, he wanted mom school. I explained that all his friends would join us here at our house and soon he was on board again. Well this past Tuesday and Thursday I've taught for the letter B/color red/shape square. Here are some of the activities we've been enjoying...
  • A red toy hunt- with a red pillowcase to collect them in
  • Butterflies from coffee filters and clothespins and red pipe cleaner antennas
  • Stuffing red square bean bags full of beans
  • Singing "Banana Phone" and pretended bananas were phones
  • Ate Bug Bites (graham bugs)
  • Ate BlueBerry Muffins and Banana Muffins
  • Singing "Bringing Home a Baby BumbleBee"
  • Went on a Bear Hunt
  • Read Brown Bear Brown Bear
  • Any many other games, books and songs

It's been a lot of fun being the teacher this week. But I have to say... I've earned my 5-week break. Six 3-year olds is a lot to handle all at once. But they are good kids, and oh-so-smart!

So, from me and Ian... WE LOVE MOM SCHOOL!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Wow, as of this morning both of our boys have had dry mornings for 2 days. No more pull-ups for us overnight. Thanks to Eric J.... who accidently put Billy in underwear (instead of a pull-up) and Ian in a pull-up (instead of a diaper) when he was babysitting. Both woke up dry that Friday. Since then we've been wondering if we should give Billy another underwear night- try. Well, he talked us into it this week. No more wetting pull-ups for him. He's so proud of himself. And we are pleased as plums. Ian has been staying dry overnight since Eric J. switched him to pull-ups. It was a simple change for him. I have had to make a small sacrifice by waking them when I get up and reminding them to use the potty. But it's worth it... HOORAY!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Potty Humor

Okay, so if you don't enjoy kid potty humor, please read no further. I really felt I had nothing new or exciting to blog about until the following conversation happened tonight with my husband and 3-year-old.
Ian-sitting on the potty, Daddy- waiting to use the bathroom...
Daddy: Ian, do you need any help?
Ian: No, I'm just going potty.
Daddy: Be sure to wipe.
Ian: I don't want to.
Daddy: Here, let me help you, I'll show you how.
Ian: I don't want to, it's yucky.
Daddy: Ian, I'm not going to wipe your butt for the rest of your life.
Ian: I'm only 3. (with emphasis on "only")
Commense laugher...
Then Daddy proceeds to wipe Ian's bottom for him with a promise that Ian will have to do it all by himself tomorrow. Hahahaha!
Where does he get this stuff? Well, it sure was our highlight tonight.
At FHE we talked about King Benjamin and Ian lost all his animal cookies in his bag to the naughty bag because he wouldn't listen, stop talking or stay in his seat. It was so hard. Some days Ian does great and others not so much. Billy was wonderful. He listened and answered questions very well. Carley- at this age- is a lost cause. We keep truckin' along though, hoping in the long run it'll make a difference. Routine is everything, right? Well, I'm sure tonight our downfall was starting an hour late. Dinner wasn't ready until 6:15 (an hour late) so then everything got pushed back. Better luck next Monday.
Tomorrow is Mom School and my turn to teach. Billy's had some asthma trouble over the weekend, but did well today at home, so I'm sending him to school tomorrow. I hope Carley behaves during Mom School. I worry she'll be in the way. She often demands to be the center of attention. Ian's excited to have school tomorrow. I hope it goes well. New update tomorrow.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kindergarten- A not a day too soon

Well, my biggest boy, is a Kindergartner. As he says, "I'm real 5 now." Apparently May 22nd doesn't mark his birthday, the start of school does. He has been waiting for this day since his Preschool Graduation. So, better late than never, here are a few pics. Billy comes home singing songs and loves to show me what he's done. I can say he really has needed very little time to adjust. And he already loves his teacher.
Ian's had 2 weeks of Mom School as of today and boy does he ever enjoy it! The last two times I dropped him off, he said, "I go to school all by myself mom, you and Carley can't come." Well, I guess he told us. We're thrilled that he's loving it. The socialization will be so helpful. I teach Mom School next week and I'm excited! It ought to be fun.
Carley and I are enjoying our alone time while Ian's off at Mom School 2 days/week. It's fun to be with just her. She's becoming so independent and it's apparent that I no longer have a baby. She's a toddler, through and through.
:( well :)

Camping Trip

We went camping a few weeks ago and I realized that since I've been having trouble with the computer, I haven't had the chance to post new pictures. This includes Billy's first day of school. So, I'll be posting some pics today that are a little old- by just a couple of weeks. Camping is getting more and more fun the older the kids get. The boys are really becoming able to help- setting up the tent, gather kindling, and other small but important tasks. I can't say Carley loved the experience.. it was a windy day and she was not happy about the whole thing. Come bedtime Ian had a little trouble falling asleep. But we had a great opportunity to look up and see more stars than I have ever seen at one time before. It was breathtaking and mind-blowing. WOW! All in all it was a fun day and night, but after breakfast we were off to Grandma and Papa's new FEMA trailer. I think by then we were pretty ready to say goodbye to camping for the season. Swimming at Grandma and Papa's was a great highlight. Their neighborhood has a free pool and it was very nice. Well, I have to post about Billy's first day of Kindergarten and Ian's first day of Mom School. I've been missing a lot.