Friday, December 19, 2008

SNOW- And lots of it

Here's some pics of us playing in our newly aquired 10-12 inches of snow. What a blast! Ian was sliding down a small hill made by a courteous neighbor with a snow plow on his truck. Carley wasn't a big fan of the outing. Billy was all over the place, making tracks everywhere. Skit- well, Skit hates it when stuff sticks to his fur- especially snow. Although, he insisted on romping in it every chance he got. Carl and I each took turns on the shovel and between our two neighbor friends-one with a plow and the other a snowblower, we were able to make short work of the job. Hope you're enjoying the white stuff and not cursing it today.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carl Passed!

Not that we are surprised by any means, but CARL PASSED HIS SERIES 7 TEST. Now he'll be ramping up for another test to be taken at the beginning of next year. He's so smart! For those of you who don't know- Carl went into the banking field this February. He's learning more about investing and such. I'm pretty ignorant about these things, so I'm sure lucky to have him.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wanna see something gross?

Here's a picture of Billy's new silver crowns-there are two on opposing back teeth (upper and lower on his right). The doctor was surprised that he didn't have any cavities that required additional attention. He did have sealants put in the deep crevices of his baby teeth. The two in the back were pretty bad with decay and required a baby root canal and then caps. I'll have to monitor his brushing more closely. And you'll be glad to know Billy is now an expert flosser.
As for the procedure, Billy did well. He did wake up pretty upset because mom wasn't there and they put in an IV while he was under anesthetic. He woke up pretty quickly and gulped his apple juice down and then took a little nap. When he woke up we went home and on returning home he threw up all of that apple juice in the staircase. Yuck! He's feeling much more normal tonight and I need to start getting everyone calmed down for bed. Thanks for all of your prayers and concerns. And a special thanks to Carl and our home teachers for the pre-surgery blessing.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Packing Peanuts Catastrophe

First...Let me say that at the time this seemed like a harmless and even remarkable idea. I thought this would be a great way for my kids to have fun in the "snow" without the effects of the freezing cold weather or melting snow and therefore mud outside. When this box arrived I knew it would bring great joy to my children. My kids love large boxes. I underestimated the joy the "snow" inside would bring. Let's just say around here we enjoy Iowa snow and will never again accept Florida "snow" as a substitute. Did you know packing peanuts stick like syrup on the table!?! These things will not go away. They are in the bathtub, the washing machine, the carpet, the sofa, the vacuum, the dog... everywhere. Carl warned me not to allow them to play with the foam vermin, but I laughed it off saying he was being ridiculous and that they should be allowed to have fun... they're children. Wow, am I eating my words. The clean-up will be going on for as long as we live here, no doubt. But (hush, hush) it was a good time. My kids did have great fun. The pictures are worth it. So, just a warning, should you choose to let your children enjoy this kind of good "clean" fun, be ready to find little white fluff for a long time.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


As I was heating up pizza for myself in the kitchen, the kids were eating corndogs at the table. Billy called out, "Mom?" and I said, "What?" And then I got a real laugh...
"If you would give me more ketchup please then I would be happily glad."
Hope you smiled today!

Carley's New Girlfriend

Carley and our new friend Lydia had the best time hanging out together the past two days. It has been so fun watching her relate to another girl. She's usually around her two brothers- which sometimes means she must fight to have her way. Lydia just loved for Carley to show her her toys and they were so good at sharing with one another. It was fun to watch them in their pig tails and pacifiers on Thursday. By Friday they were good friends. They both cried when I separated them for nap. Thursday when they "rested" together (because there was no sleeping going on in that room) Carley stroked Lydia's arm in a sweet comforting way. I'll admit it does make me think Carley having a sister would be way fun. Though I'm not ready for another brother- so we're still on hold. Well, that's my post this morning. Sweet girls! Oh MG I can't wait for yours!
As for the status report, Carl's got strep... bad! And I woke up with a sore throat again- though manageable, not like the strep. Ian's coughing terribly and Billy is still zonked out sleeping. Carley's doing well this morning- no complaints. A huge box arrived yesterday from my mom and stepdad and brother and wife. It was bigger than the kids. WOW, what a shipping costs, for sure. Lots of great stuff- including a new camera. I'll be playing with that new gadget all day. I'm glad we waited for Carl to open it- he thought to remember that the presents might not be wrapped. He saved the surprise for the kids. They weren't happy to be left out of the opening though. Thanks MOM AND MIKE AND ANDREW AND JACKIE. Can't wait to get the kids reactions on film. Til next time. See ya!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Mom School Love Post

Just another post to say, Mom School's the best! I love having the opportunity to sing with, teach and play with your kids. They are the sweetest and most intelligent little people. We had another fun day and after having such fun- I was a little sorry to be happy with a snow day Tuesday. Sorry MG, I didn't pull the camera out until after Cullan left. I promise to get him good next time. The boys just loved watching the Cars crash on the Cars Track- Jake insisted I put new batteries in it. I was glad I did. The girls went off and did their own thing, though Kate was interested in the cars for a little while.
As for Girls Night In... it was a great time. I'm so glad Meagan and Melissa could join me. There's still so much food left over. Looks like I don't have to cook tonight :). Meagan and I tried out the homemade facials and Melissa had a warm bubbly foot bath. It was so fun to have my friends over and not to have to worry (too much) about kid intruders. Billy and Ian tried to break the party up, but to no avail. Those that couldn't be there: don't worry, we'll see you next time, I'll try to plan away from the holidays. Thanks again Meagan and Melissa. I really enjoyed your company. Carl's home tonight, so I promise I won't be so lonely.
Look later for a Lydia post. Carley and her new little friend have been having lots of fun yesterday and today. I'll try to snap some pics too.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

snow day...not a snow day...snow day after all

As soon as I got up this morning I just knew it would be called a snow day. I bundled up the kiddos and let them romp in the snow and crash their little feet through the ice sandwiched between snow layers. We had lots of fun and I even got a few pictures- of course they're all overexposed. But then, when we came back inside... to my dismay... 2 hour delay. YUCK. So, I got Billy all ready for school and when I couldn't get the ice off my van I remember Carl's car in the tuck-under garage- he's outta town. I took Billy to school and got him dropped off. Just 2 hours later the school calls. Billy's been coughing and can't stop, they say. Okay, guess I'm off to pick him up. So, I pick him up and ask about the letter I got demanding doctor notes for his absences. I expained that I will not be taking him to the doctor every time he gets a little cough or sniffles. They agreed pleasantly, but warned me that I would need to clear it up with the attendance clerk. BLAH! So, now I have to get the kids' doctor to write a note explaining that Billy has asthma that sometimes requires home maintenance and that he does not need to see a doctor for every attack. Anyhow... it ended up being a fun day with the kids home. Ian didn't seem to miss mom school too much. Billy was bummed to have to come home, but seemed fine to hang out with us. Carley's been coughing too and Daddy called to let us know he's been well medicated today also. Well, here's hoping we're all better soon! I need to plan a fun day for my kids tomorrow- I've been kinda boring lately- all work and no play, ya know.

What you've been missing from the Hartson's

The Ward dinner was Saturday, so for days before I didn't post because I was too busy freaking out about getting everything ready. The dinner went well. It wasn't terribly well attended- due to sicknesses and families out of town. Also, dinner was 15 minutes late and Santa couldn't come. But I think we have been forgiven of these shortcomings. All in all I thought it was a nice night. Maybe we'll be kept on long enough to give it another try next year. So that was my week through Saturday.
Sunday I woke up with another sore throat- what gives! We did manage to get to church only to find the heat not working properly. We stayed for sacrament and then everyone was shuffled out. It was a wonderful testimony meeting. I especially enjoyed Bishop Keefe (still bishop to me, can't break the habit) and Sandra's comments. I only wish my children could have been more quiet so we could hear all of you who shared your testimonies. Carl left for Des Moines Sunday night.
Monday I ran around to a few stores returning the things we didn't use for the ward dinner so I can turn in receipts. I ended up spending more than I got back from returns. I let the kids shop for Dad for Christmas at the dollar store. I was just giggling at their choices for him. Billy picked gardening tools- yeah like Carl's the gardener. He does mow and rake and shovel, but garden-not so much. Ian chose coffee cups with scriptures written on them- very sweet, but they're cocoa cups at our house and we only drink cocoa a few times a year. Carley chose the most practical gift- bath poufs for shower gel- though I'm sure her choice was only a matter of sensory excitement. Oh well, the kids truly chose their daddy's presents and they were thrilled to wrap them last night. It was such a sweet time.
Last night we also delivered some homemade cookies to a few neighbors while it rained ice. We tried singing too, but the kids had stage fright. It was nice to visit with our kind neighbors. All of them let us into their houses- even with the wet boots and noisy kids. We're lucky to live amongst some wonderful people.
It looks like today will be a snow day. I have little motivation to leave the house. The snow is swirling outside the window. I know from walking the dog this morning that it's slippery out there. I can't imagine taking my three little ones out in this. Plus, I'm warm and cozy right here, thank you. Maybe I'll work on the photo calendars for my family. Hope you all are doing well.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time for a New Post

I am planning a lovely Saturday (the 20th) for my hubby and I to enjoy while my mother-in-law watches our kids. I've planned a ski lesson at Sundown Mountain- by the way they're free through the 21st for first-timers- and hopefully a dinner theatre engagement later that night. Carl has not been entirely supportive of the plan. He seems to think skiing sounds less fun than I thought it could be. He also thinks the dinner/show idea is too expensive. I'm loosing my patience. We don't run away often. Why can't he just give in and let me have my way this time. GRRRR. Oh well.