Monday, October 26, 2009

Worthwhile Weekend

Well, we finally got a weekend where there wasn't something going on... so what do we do... work! Carl was the driving force behind it all. We got a 220 installed in the basement- with the help of an awesome friend with the know-how. Then Carl went on a cleaning rampage down there. He cleaned out the garage, so he can park there again. Dropped off a bunch of boxes at Goodwill. We went through several more boxes to start on another drop-off. We returned bottles and cans- with the kids' help. Returned a few things we've been meaning to get back. We also caught up laundry and rearranged our bedroom. The bassinet is now set-up, along with a small plastic dresser and a laundry basket for baby clothes. It was nice to see it all accomplished, but man am I tired (from watching him do it all-ha).
Can you believe it's almost November! This little babe will be here soon enough. Right now, though, the focus is Halloween. I still have Trunk or Treat preparations and my kids costumes to finish!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Endless Battle

There is a great rumbling occuring all of the time under my feet in our home- threatening to open the floor and swallow me up. This animosity between the two 6 year olds in our home is unnerving. It makes little sense why this competitiveness creeps in each day. Their interests are not the same. The aren't even the same sex. So, why can they not just coexist without the frustration and tension? How do I manage to get them to? I have tried not allowing them to play together- they're just fine with that. And it doesn't teach them anything- except to avoid things that cause them irritation and frustration. Is that really the right lesson here? HELP!