Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Haircuts for the boys

Well, I'm giving myself a pat on the back tonight after giving the boys- what I believe- to be spectacular haircuts.... I even showed Billy how to spike, smooth and wave his. I did not cut Carley's hair. Mainly because I have 0 experience cutting girls' hair. It will come. I did give her some super-cute pig tails, but she would not leave them in long enough for a picture. :(

I didn't get much done on the house today... I picked up the yard and did dishes and laundry. I'm hoping to get the the basement and garage cleaned up this week because we have an open house planned for Sunday 12:30-2 p.m. We'll be in Waterloo this weekend looking at houses ourselves.

Not much else has been happening. Yesterday my realtor gave a preview of the place to 16 realtors in the area. I was still cleaning when she showed up- nearly done. She said that there were lots of positive comments. Here's hoping.

Well, I'm hearing footsteps upstairs so perhaps my rambunctious boys aren't in bed yet... gotta run.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday- March 18th

Well, today I gave Target my two weeks' notice. I just can't keep up with a changing schedule and planning for sitters all the time. Some weeks I work two days, others five; some days four hours, others 7. It's been crazy. I do like the atmosphere though.
So, I turned in the paperwork yesterday to get our house sold. There should be a sign in the yard tomorrow. This weekend Carl and I went house hunting. We may have found something. Do you think the Hartsons living on Hartman is too wierd? Anyway, we haven't made an offer yet and it would be contingent on us selling our house. We love the elementary it is zoned for, but not the high school.
Once the move happens I will work on getting a new part time job that is more regular. The kids are doing okay. Carley's had a fever since last night... but her spirits are high. Ian just got over an asthma problem... I think he's finally under control. Billy was spinning last night and ran right into the woodwork in the living room. I'm looking forward to not working while I have to take care of the little ones and keep the house perfect for showings. More soon, I'm sure.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A new week ahead

Well, just over a week ago I made my last entry and I've gotten so much done since then. Carl and a friend painted the entryway (staircase) and I painted the guestroom- the one with all the beadboard. I cleaned the carpets and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned everything else. It looks like just one more week of boxing up and cleaning up and we'll be on the market. The realtor was very impressed and gave us a hopeful number while she was here. We're working on the bank to okay all the terms for a green light to sell. Maybe we'll be in Waterloo with Daddy before the summer hits. Billy gets his cast off tomorrow and the dog gets a bath in the morning. That pup stinks!
Today at church was crazy. I think the warm weather brought wiggly kids to Primary. All 6 in my class were wild today. It dampened my spirits a little but I still enjoyed being with them. They are so smart and funny.
Carl was here this weekend, but with the threat of another winter storm he was on the road Sunday night (tonight) again- just like last week. We've been seeing so little of him. Our weather this weekend was beautiful. No snow, ice melting everywhere and clear. The kids had lunch on the screened porch this afternoon and were in their heaven. Poor Carley has seldom been outside to play her whole 14 months. She was really enjoying eating at the picnic table with the boys. And the dog thinks going in and out is a nice change too. Looks like it won't last long though. More yucky weather coming.
As for the rest of the week, I'm working Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. And I need to find some time to get ready for Ian's birthday party. He'll be 3 you know. Hope you'll all be letting me know how you're weeks are going too. I'll be checking your blogs. Most of you are better at keeping them updated than I am and I appreciate the encouragement.