Saturday, January 31, 2009

Agenda for Today

This morning it's off to the temple- thanks Aunt Annette and Brooke for coming in to babysit. Then this afternoon, it's back to the old house to claim my washer/dryer and curtains. Hooray for curtains! Looks like it'll be a busy day.

Friday, January 30, 2009

In True Mom Style

As I do every night I asked Carley to go potty before her bath. She, as always, excitedly placed her Sesame Street insert seat on the toilet and reached out her arms to be placed on it. I lifted her up and half-heartedly told her to go pee-pee in the potty. Then I started straightening up the sink. As I was working about I heard a little tinkle. That's right- a little tinkle. I turned to Carley and I said Carley are you going pee pee? She smiled at me and I clapped like crazy. She was quite amuzed and continue to void in the potty at an honest rate. I was shocked. I have put this child on the pot for weeks and weeks before her bath in an attempt to keep her from peeing in the tub. I was so happy for her success last night. You could tell she was really happy with herself. Then I showed her how we wiped- she wasn't very interested and then she flushed it away. Now I am truly outing myself as the typical mom. I proceeded to announce this pee pee party to her aunt and cousin and grandma. Yes, I'm a mom!
Looks like I'll have to find other times of the day to make this part of our regular routine. Though, I will promise I am not ready to train her yet. She's not really well at expressing herself yet in words. But I think we will start making the potty a more consistent part of her day instead of just her night. Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eradicating the Sickies

I think we have done it. Really, I think it's over. No more diarreha or vomiting for over 24 hours! I'm ready to celebrate. But I think maybe I'll just clean up this crazy house since it's obvious we've been stuck in here for days. You should see the toys sprawled across this place. It looks like Toys R Us threw up in my living room. Hope you are all feeling well!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Sick Day

Called Billy in today. He woke up with more disgusting diarreha. I just don't know what to do. He's missed 3 days now and it's been 5 days since he started this stomach virus. I'm going to give him Children's Immodium next. Now it looks like it's my turn. Yuck. And Carley's turn too, she vomited a lot last night- all over a blanket I just cleaned- dang it. At first we thought she was spitting up her chewable Pepto so Carl held out his hand to catch it- bad idea. He said, "I got it, I got it", then I said "oh, no you don't." Then she spewed everywhere! I fanned out the queen-sized comfortable she was wrapped in and caught most of it. How gross! It actually played like the funny scene of a comedy while it was occuring though. To think Carl could catch that kind of volumed in his up-turned palm, only to be shocked at the projectile that came next was a bit funny.
Sigh, now I just want to open every window in my house to the 0 degree temp outside and air this place out. I've used Lysol wipes, carpet cleaner, sofa cleaner, shout, detergent, everything, not to mention air freshener. I'm so done with all this sickness. I need a serious break from the yuck going on here. However, Carl has been a great help. I gagged cleaning up Carley mess last night and he totally took over. Better things must be ahead. Ian has surprisingly been dodging all of this sickness. He's been dealing with his own asthma trouble, but no yucky tummy for him. Thank goodness! Maybe I'll send him to Mom School tomorrow. What do you think?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nothing to post

Not much to post today. Billy has not vomited all day-hooray. Carley's still working on her teeth that are coming in. Ian is having some asthma-related coughing. Cleaned up the house. Planned for the upcoming ward activity. I'm sure you can't wait to hear about it. So, here's the scoop, just for my dedicated readers. We'll be getting together for fun and games in the gym at our Cabin Fever get-together. It promises to be a tropical paradise. You're sure to have a good time. Hope you'll come. There's my official plug. I'm off to read. Hopefully I'll make it tomorrow. I haven't been feeling too great and Carley has had diarreha all day.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pearls and Pull Ups

I thought Carley had been terribly cranky since yesterday and this morning she was the worst. So, this afternoon I took a peek inside her mouth and yes, I saw two new little pearls. In a few more days she'll only have 3 more gaps. And unfortunately one gap is semi-permanent. So, mystery solved, Carley has two new teeth. A little Tylenol and she'll be a new kid.
As for Billy we've done away with the pull-ups. It looks like the diarrhea has subsided. We used Children's Pepto. He did throw up after cereal this morning though. At lunch he had a banana and so far that is staying down. Here's hoping. Right now the goal is to keep him drinking.
And Ian- well, he's been running around as normal, though he has a pretty bad cough. Nothing new there.
Looks like we're all gonna make it.

Jane Eyre

I finished Jane Eyre again today and I had a little insight into why I like this story (again while washing the dishes). Apparently dishes are a great way for me to reflect on things. Anyhow, back to why I like Jane Eyre. She is so upright. She does not give in to temptation. Jane is strong in character. I also love that she's not terribly pretty. I have never felt really pretty either. And I feel like I have tried to do right in my life- and sometimes at great cost (though never as much as her). And I can't say I'm as straitlaced as she is. Another quality I admire in her is her great ability to keep her thoughts silenced. Sometimes I feel like I am an open book and say all I think. I know, your probably thinking Charity, no way, she never talks to much- HA! However, when she does talk she is very eloquent.
One thing I don't like about this book is that *SPOILER* she ends up finding relief and care amongst her own kindred, but she is not aware they are her kindred until later. I don't find it very believable. She just walks toward a light and adores them from the window and then seeks refuge among them and voila they're family. I'm sure their world is much smaller than mine, but I still have a hard time believing it. But hey, it does make the story very charming to give this orphan a family. I loved it when it happened in the book, but later shook my head and thought Charlotte Bronte took a few liberties making that one up.
However, Jane Eyre is still very much a winner on my list. I am on to Pride and Prejudice now. But before I forget Jane Eyre- which I admit my memory is awful- I plan to rent the BBC movie version and force my hubby to endure it with me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Up at 3 a.m. Billy vomiting in Ian's bed. Found that he had vomited in his bed too. Cleaned up him. Cleaned up the bed. Cleaned up the linens. Cleaned up the floors. Cleaned up the bathroom. Everyone to the living room. Monsters Inc. Nobody sleeping. Dad back to bed. Gave everyone some water. Just a few minutes later, Billy threw up the water. Diarrhea too. Cleaned up and resorted to pull ups. Last night it was Carley- vomiting and diarrhea. Looks like we'll be stuck at home for awhile. Billy had a few bites of cereal. So far, so good.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We believe in being honest

While discussing what to make for dinner, Carl and I heard the cry of a 3-year-old who had obviously been trespassed against by the older brother. When we came to confront and console we asked Billy what had happened. When he wouldn't tell us, we asked Ian. Ian said that Billy had kicked him. Billy was sent to time-out until he could tell us honestly what he had done. When the time-out was over, Billy said that he had kicked Ian and then was, of course, forced to apologize to his little brother. He said sorry solemnly and Ian stated "that's okay, it was an accident" and Billy (sounding offended) said "No it wasn't."

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love- or something like it.

Billy: Mom, I love you.

Mom: Why do you love me?

Billy: Because you're my mom.

Mom: Is there any other reason you love me?

Billy: Because you do the dishes.

Finally I'm noticed for the real reason I seem to exist.

Garlic and Sapphires

I just finished reading a really insightful book that I didn't really ponder until this morning when I was doing dishes. Garlic and Sapphires is about a restaurant critic for the New York Times who finds herself requiring the need for clever disguises to eat out and give a fair review of the many diverse restuarants in this bustling city. The underlying theme she shares is how the costumes and personalities she's creating- with and without help- affect her feelings about who she is. It's fun and a little unnerving to see the author find pieces of herself in each person (especially her eccentric mom). However it is wonderfully refreshing when this exercise assures her of who she knows she wants to be. I wish I had the opportunity to discover those parts of myself she entertained so I am more aware of what to avoid in myself and what to indulge. What a fun read.

By the way, all the books I read are by recommendation. If you have a good one, pass it along. Thanks Melissa for this one- and Twilight.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Dose of Embarrassment

A friend of mine let me borrow a few books and I devoured them. I really enjoyed them- even though I am not the kind to read vampire stories. Yes, I'm talking about the Twilight books. So once I finished the series I took the two remaining in my possession and put them in my temple bag, as I was going to the temple with said friend. However, the books managed never to make it out of the bag. The bag went into the van, into the temple, back into the van and then back into my home. Carl saw my bag on the bed in our room and put it back on the shelf in the closet and the bag was forgotten.
Last Sunday, my friend politely asked if she could have her volumes back. I was taken aback and swore I believed that I had already returned them. Obviously shocked she asked that I look around for them. I said that I would look but that I was sure I wouldn't find them. And I didn't. I looked everywhere- though I knew my deep Christmas cleaning would have produced them before now. I didn't know what to do from here. I didn't want to offend my sweet friend. But I couldn't find the books and knew I returned them.
Something told me to have her look in her van- that's when I wondered why I would have thought that. Soon after that impression, I remembered the temple bag. Last night I took it down from the shelf and looked inside and sure enough there they were. I am so sorry Melissa. I'll bring them to you on Sunday. I feel awful for doubting you that I still had them. I meant to return them during our temple trip and somehow in the fun we had, I forgot. They are safe and will be returned soon.

Gubbel's to the Rescue AGAIN

This morning around 3 I heard the cries of a couple of my little ones. As I went to their rescue I can only describe the surroundings as frigid. I swooped Carley from the illegal bunk bed she'd been sharing with brother-much to my dismay. And plopped her down on my bed as I informed Carl something was wrong- the house was much too cold. He got up rather quickly and began the endless work of dad- providing. The order of today was warmth. Gubbel's was here within a couple of hours and fixed the problem rather quickly. The vent for outside was iced over. No charge- woo hoo! By the time I ventured out of bed again it was warm. We'll be locking ourselves inside again today, hope you're doing the same. Stay warm and busy!
And, by the way, sharing my bed with little children is not fun. I've never been a good sharer of anything, but usually by the age of 12 months I have banished the kids from my bed. I never get a good sleep when they're there. Unfortunately, my heart has been softened the last few cold days and I've been pulling them in. Needless to say I've been a bit tired lately. Hopefully I can get a nap in today. It's usually fun to hold them close in bed for about 1/2 an hour-TOPS, but anything more than that is just inhibiting my sleeping abilities. Sorry to sound so heartless!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hooray for Gubbels

It's 12:20 and our thermostat has climbed to a whopping 61 degress. It'll be back to normal in here in no time. So, just so you aren't worrying about the Hartson's, we're warming up nicely. I'm even thinking about peeling off the kids outer layers. You stay warm too.

Coldest Day

So, I think it's probably THE coldest day of the year and last night our furnace started blowing cold air. Well, I guess this is just another trial for us to bear. I think we are going to be the strongest couple ever! My kids are dressed super warm and we're keeping blankets on all the windows and doors. We'll make it. Someone will be to our rescue around lunch. All will be well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Official Site of Shannon Hale

Book Club is tonight at Melissa Lasley's place at 7 p.m. We'll be talking about Book of a Thousand Days. Even if you haven't got the chance to read it, please come and join in the conversation.
The Official Site of Shannon Hale

Monday, January 12, 2009


Had a throat culture today. Postive for Strep... again. This makes 3 times. Children and hubby's throats swabbed also. No one else tested positive. All on medication to stop the rotation. Lysol-ed everything I touch daily. Done with it. Sigh. Will this ever be over! I'm sleepy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

TU TU 2 Party

Ring around the Rosey getting started.

Lunch with friends.

Enjoying new presents.

Carley's ballerina cake-this is when she started to get a bit tired.

Kate showing the girls how to dance.

Carley turns 2 tomorrow and we took advantage of the weekend birthday to have a few friends over to celebrate. We danced, decorated wands and ate cake. It was a fun afternoon. Although I did forget to share Carley's favorite book with everyone (Best Friends Wear Pink Tutus). Maybe we'll share it another time. Carley just loved dancing in her tutu with all her friends. Right after everyone went home, Carley crashed. She was exhausted. Later we went to Walmart to buy the leotard and slippers Aunt Annette wanted her to have and she was thrilled to dress up for us again before bed and spin circles. I LOVE LITTLE GIRLS! I don't remember being terribly girly, but I do enjoy helping my daughter delve into the perks. Thanks for all those who joined us. We were so glad to celebrate Carley's birthday with you! The boys were so good at letting Carley have the spotlight today. They were really watching over her and enjoying her too. Billy cast a few spells with the wands and Ian put on his dancing shoes to join the tutu-clad princesses. We're so lucky to have great big brothers for our little girl.

Whadda ya do?

Mommy and Billy wiped out before heading home.

This was before Ian's flip.

Carley and Daddy (the aforementioned not terribly thrilled).

Billy sliding down-on his own.

Too fun!

When the weather gives you more snow than you've seen in well, forever, whadda ya do? You take advantage of it. We bundled up and loaded the kids in the van after Carley's nap headed to the hill. Here we are enjoying a few trips down the hill. The boys were great troopers and are quite brave. I still can't believe Ian loves to do this. He totally flipped over today and just got up and after a brief regaining of ground smiled big. Billy went again and again and was happy to see a buddy from class there. Billy is also quite talented in getting up a snowy, icy slope, though not with his tube. Carley didn't really enjoy the cold too much. Give her another year I guess. I remember when Ian wasn't fond of it either. Well, I just wanted to share our sledding moments with you. This is the kids' second time this season- but unfortunately the camera's battery was dead the first time.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First TuTu

Here she is in her newly finished tu-tu. This was a super-easy, no-sew project. Getting her to take it off was the hardest thing about it. If you can join us, Carley will be having a Tu-Tu-2 Party this Saturday 11:30 - 1 p.m. I didn't get a chance to send out invites. I can't believe my little girl is going to be 2!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Charity = most naive one

I was researching some names online (no I'm not pregnant yet) and lo and behold I found some real names for celebrities. So, I didn't realize how common it is for people in the public eye to have names other than those we couch potatoes know them as. Sure, I assumed Slash and Axle had taken some liberties with their names, but Garth Brooks and Marie Osmond! Even Cary Grant and Doris Day were sporting names that weren't so original. Okay, the wrestlers, no doubt Hulk Hogan isn't his real name, but Tiger Woods! I'm shocked. Now surely you believe me to be the most naive person the world has known. I must admit seeing these people's real names made me a little sad. I've always thought a name to be so personal and special. But hey, maybe I wouldn't want to share my name with the whole world either. Little Dakota Fanning and Miley Cyrus have been protected at their early ages. So, I'm giving some thought to my famous name. What do you think it should be? I'm going with Kayson Zamora Hart. Married to Tristen Zaine Hart. Yep, good enough. Let me know what you choose for yourself!

Baking Bread

You know I must be singing the winter blues. I've been eating chili and other soups, drinking hot cocoa and baking bread. Today, just to get out of the house, I took my munchkins to the library- a place I've been avoiding because of a $4.50 fine. That's right, I gave in... I paid the fine and vowed no more videos from the library. Yes, they're free- but only if you can have enough smarts to get them back in time. Well, the ice and cold is surely wearing on me. Usually I love winter. The sight of snowflakes up close astounds me. I love to find the longest icicles after the storms. Sledding and snowman-building is awesome. Unfortunately, the weather we've been having only traps you inside your home- ice on roads, sidewalks, handrails, everything. I hope the snow starts up again soon. And that we can gain a few degrees so I can play with the kids outside again. Hoping for slightly warmer tomorrows. I don't think I'm quite ready to say goodbye to winter altogether... just the ice.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Fun with Paint
Homemade guitar- with Billy's original paintings attached

What a sweet smile!

Fun on an icy day.

We Love the SmartCycle!

Tonight we were playing Chutes and Ladders with my little ones for Family Home Evening- our lesson was on Fairness (The Giraffe Guisto from the 6 Pillars of Character). We talked all about taking turns and playing kindly. It was fun to watch Billy lead then slide down a chute and be the one furthest behind. We tried to explain that having fun playing was more important than winning. Ian seemed to grasp the idea after awhile. The game took so many twists and turns we just weren't sure who was going to win. It was a great lesson in playing fair and having good sportsmanship. The kids really enjoyed themselves. Carley lost interest after awhile, but made her own fun. This just leaves Shinrai the camel (Trustworthiness) and we will have had lessons at home about all of the 6 characters the kids learn about at school when discussing the 6 Pillar of Character.
This icy weather is really starting to wear on me. No driving around aimlessly- a favorite pasttime of mine. No shopping for no reason. No playing in the snow-no sledding. No real walks with the dog- just quick outside outings. We pulled out the bubbles today and listened to kids CDs and danced. We've been pulling out all the stops to keep from dying from cabin fever. Hopefully the weather brings something better next week.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Just a few of my favorite Christmas pictures that I haven't shared yet.

Well, I went to lie down tonight and because of my 10 p.m. migraine pill, I just can't seem to sleep a wink. I usually forget that it has caffeine and will make sleeping impossible. But tonight, when the pain started above my left eye (where it usually originates) I didn't want to fight it. I knew the pill would be the quickest way to squash it, so I downed just one (hoping lowering the dosage would keep me from staying up). So, here I am.
Tonight we had the Singles over for an FHE night. I am so glad we did. It was a last-minute decision, but hey the house was already clean and we had brownies and chips/salsa, so that made it easy. It was downright fun to enjoy their company. I hope they'll let us host again soon. Bless them all to find deserving mates. For they are all such wonderful people.
Billy shared his testimony again at church. He just loves to be on the stand. I think he will make a fine speaker some day- when mom doesn't have to whisper his thoughts in his ear! :) I had him tell me his testimony and then he went up to the podium and I told him what he had me write. It was a lovely testimony meeting and such a sweet spirit prevaled. Thanks to all those who lifted me today.
I substituted in Primary today. I taught 3 little 4-year-olds. They were delightful. I just adored their comments. When asked "Do you know what Fast Sunday is?", little Grace answered, "It's the Sunday where we go really fast!". Too sweet. In Sharing Time when asked about the Fall and what it meant that Adam and Eve Fell, Cameron answered, The Fall came, like autumn. Awe. It was also Ian's first day in Primary- he's a Sunbeam now. He was a bit wiggly- and unfortunately so was his big brother Billy. Still it was a nice Sunday. We're meeting in the mornings now and while it does make it harder to fast... it is much more conducive to naps (insert big cheesy smile here).
Well, I'm going to try to get some sleep. Heaven knows that I'll need it to keep up with the week ahead of me. I'm most thankful for my afternoon nap today and my husband who indulged me the opportunity. Blessings to all.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to Normal

Pic are Cookies on Christmas Eve...

Okay, the holidays are behind us now, so perhaps I can make a trip back to normal.
I got my license for foster parenting in the mail today. How's that for "normal"? Now, perhaps some of you have decided that I'm crazy for making such a venture with my own busy family and perhaps you think I'm jumping in with little to no knowledge of the troubles I may face. Okay, sometimes I can be a bit... spacey, but Carl and I have taken classes and read a lot about fostering. We even have a few friends who have shared their experiences with us. And we will start slow. Hopefully we can provide respite first. So, if you have been wondering what are we thinking, I hope this eases your mind a little. We just want to make a difference.

Anyhow, if any of you really want a reason to judge... here's the real news. Carl and I are going to Iowa City to have our embryos (2) implanted. Yes, we're hopefully going to be getting pregnant this Spring. And yes, we are crazy. This crazy thing has been working for us for nearly 10 years now and I think you should stick to what you're good at. We're good at being broke and making big decisions- like moves and babies. And hey, we're still together and still very happy. So, we must be doing something right. Carl is such a supportive and loving hubby. And hey, I want to be done raising my little ones before I'm in my 60s, so I'm planning on having the baby making stuff out of the way before I'm 30 next year.

So I have outed myself on our very personal and secretive plans for 2009. Maybe I'm right, maybe it is a crazy idea to have a new baby or help take care of someone else's kid(s). But I must say it feels right and I can only do what I feel is best for me and my family. So, wish me luck or keep your negative thoughts to yourself. :) I love you guys, but right now I need support. I'm pretty good at criticizing myself. Please know that I know you all mean well. And I sure do love my sweet friends. Wishing you all the best this year!