Monday, October 5, 2009

The Endless Battle

There is a great rumbling occuring all of the time under my feet in our home- threatening to open the floor and swallow me up. This animosity between the two 6 year olds in our home is unnerving. It makes little sense why this competitiveness creeps in each day. Their interests are not the same. The aren't even the same sex. So, why can they not just coexist without the frustration and tension? How do I manage to get them to? I have tried not allowing them to play together- they're just fine with that. And it doesn't teach them anything- except to avoid things that cause them irritation and frustration. Is that really the right lesson here? HELP!


clan of the cave hair said...

I wish I had a magic wand to wave for you, but alas, I do not. I wonder if you guys got a sitter for the two little one's and took the two 6 year olds out for a special night all on their own and took them someplace a little grown up and had a serious talk with them followed up by a movie or mini-golf or something would help in anyway for them to both understand that they are both important, they are both heard, they both have individual needs, and you need them both to be kind.

Melissa Lasley said...

I wish I had a super idea for you. Sorry, hope things get better!

Anonymous said...

What works in business when there is fighting amongst the ranks is to get them to agree on something... focus on one foe. If you get both of them mad at X, they'll at least agree on something and start to teamup to solve the problem.

Once they see they can work together, it's at least an option for other things. Once they learn they have similar goals, they'll learn to work together on some things. Warning!!! They might teamup against you!


jej said...

A neat idea that I read a while ago is something like this (ps. haven't been able to try it yet...) Instead of seperating them, find a chore that they have to do together (their's was sweeping the floors). It has to be done to your satisfaction, w/o fighting... yeah, don't know if it will work but someday I'm going to try it. :) loves.