Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Byrnes Pool

Just waiting for the adult swim to end.
Ian doing back floats with his teacher.
Ms. Libby was very patient with both of the boys.
Carley just loved having pool time during the lessons.
Billy doing his back floats all on his own.

We are just loving our pool pass and the lessons this summer. It wasn't cheap- but worth it! The boys have had their first lessons in Swabbies and are waiting for their report cards. They each have a second session scheduled for mid-to-late July. Ian will do Swabbies again and Billy will be in Deck Hands. Carley will take her first lessons then in the Preschool class. She just loved hanging out in the baby pool while the big boys took their lessons. It was a good experience and one we hope to repeat many times over the coming summers.

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Marylois said...

I remember the days of swimming lessons. Such fun.